Tsumthing Old, Tsumthing New: A Look at the TsumTsum Arcade Game App

October 24, 2018

Hello everyone and welcome back to another installment of Dearly Beloved, the corner of the Caverns where we talk about Disney’s extensive gaming library. Today, we’re taking a look at my favorite Disney mobile app, the arcade-style matching game, TsumTsum.


Originally released in Japan in 2013 alongside the first launch of plush toy tie-ins, the Disney TsumTsum app was released worldwide on iOS and Android in 2014. Over the years, I’ve personally had this app downloaded, deleted, and re-downloaded several times. That’s not to say that I ever stopped enjoying playing, I just unfortunately have fallen victim to Apple’s accursed storage issues. Right now, however, I have the game downloaded and I’ve been binging as much as possible!


In case you’ve never played, or haven’t played in the last few years, I’d like to give you some ideas on the best possible way to enjoy the game to the maximum amount. All images used in this post are from my own personal TsumTsum game.


 TsumTsum home page


Choosing the Right MyTsum

The best and fastest way to start racking up points in this game is to know which Tsums are the best ones to set as “MyTsum.” MyTsum is the primary Tsum you’ll be playing with. It should be made known that this can be changed at any given time between games. Each Tsum has a specific skill that aids in clearing the board after filling up the MyTsum meter with matches. Some Tsums turn Tsums into other Tsums, some will completely clean a designated area of the game board, and some will stop time and allow you to make a match without the threat of time running out.


For the best results, I would recommend a Tsum that clears a portion of the screen such as Tigger, Belle, orRapunzel. All of these clear Tsums in a different way, but once you level them up they are all effective in clearing your board and multiplying those points!


 Belle’s skill in action



Once you’ve reached level ten with your experience points, you’ll be given the opportunity to play the bingo cards. These are cards with objectives and once you complete a row of five (like real-life bingo) you’ll receive rewards such as hearts, rubies, or coins. All of these will enhance your game-play experience. Some of the objectives include making a specified numbered combo or using a specific MyTsum to get a particular amount of points or reach a certain amount of experience. I recommend having as much fun with the bingo cards as possible!


 My completed bingo card



My best advice to you for maximizing your points is to use the power-up bubbles. My personal favorite is the bubble you can choose that diminishes the number of Tsums to match in each game. However, each power-up costs coins that you collect during the games. The more helpful the power-up, the more coins it costs, ranging from 500-1800 coins. Sometimes, your bingo cards will give you tickets to receive power-ups without spending any coins! Even more incentive to play bingo cards!



The fastest way to earn more rubies is obviously to purchase them with very real money that unsurprisingly adds up quickly (and unfortunately I fall for it every time). However, I don’t think it’s so expensive that it’ll break the bank if you get carried away (as I often do).



At the end of the day, I don’t have many complaints about the game. The game’s load time is much longer than it should be, and you need to be connected to internet to play, which limits the possibilities of playtime, but overall I’ve never been disappointed while playing. With a pleasing interface, stress-reducing gameplay, and an upbeat, welcoming soundtrack, I could not recommend this game more. I’m not a professional game reviewer, but as someone who likes to have fun and likes to play games, I’d give the TsumTsum app a solid 9 out of 10!


Thank you again for checking out this edition of Dearly Beloved! If you want to tell me about your favorite Tsums to use or if you have any tips on how to help me beat my high score, you can tweet at me on Twitter (@mariahcoolbeans), or you can message me on Instagram (@mariahcoolbeans).


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