Rapunzel Recap: Season one, part one

September 18, 2018

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Welcome to Rapunzel Recaps! Here we’ll be taking an in-depth look into season one of the Disney Channel original series “Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure.” Once we catch readers up to speed, Rapunzel Recaps will do individual recaps with each new episode.




“Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure,” formerly named “Tangled the Series,” takes place several months after the original “Tangled” film left off. Having spent all of her life living in a tower with Mother Gothel, we see Rapunzel struggling to adjust to life inside the palace as her coronation quickly approaches. Her relationship with her father, King Frederic, since he tends to  overprotect Rapunzel out of fear of losing her again. As a result, he limits her freedom.


King Frederic’s guards follow Rapunzel everywhere, and she’s no longer allowed to leave Corona. Rapunzel feels overwhelmed and pressured the night before her coronation when Eugene proposes to her during dinner, causing her to panic and run away.


Rapunzel’s lady-in-waiting/new bff Cassandra sneaks her outside of the palace in the middle of the night. During their adventure, Rapunzel returns to the spot of the sundrop flower and, much to her surprise, mysterious spiky rocks have been erected in the flower’s place. Rapunzel makes the mistake of touching one of the rocks (similar to Aurora touching the spinning wheel in “Sleeping Beauty”), causing a flash of light and the return of Rapunzel’s long locks. Rapunzel and Cassandra barely make it back to the castle in one piece by morning.


Rapunzel, before she touches the mysterious black rocks | © Disney Channel YouTube


Cassandra tries to cut Rapunzel’s newly restored hair, but the stone somehow made it unbreakable. Meanwhile, Eugene is desperate to know what’s troubling Rapunzel, as she refuses to be honest about how her hair grew back and about her coronation concerns Unable to come up with a better solution to hide her hair, Rapunzel wears a comically tall white wig to her coronation.


Trouble arises during the ceremony when Lady Kaine, a known criminal, attempts to take King Frederic hostage as payback for the strict criminal laws he put in place after Rapunzel’s disappearance. This crackdown had resulted in the arrest of Lady Kaine’s father despite the fact that had only been a minor thief. Desperate to save her father, Rapunzel removes the wig to reveal her true hair. With the help of Eugene and Cassandra, Rapunzel uses her hair to take down Lady Kaine and her goons, which saves the king and the other guests.


King Frederic decrees that Rapunzel is no longer allowed to leave Corona for her safety, reminding Rapunzel of her life in the tower. In her bedroom, Eugene apologizes for putting Rapunzel on the spot when he proposed to her, and Rapunzel apologizes for storming out of the room after he popped the question. To that, Eugene replies, “I’ll admit, I don’t quite understand why you said no, but I promise to do everything I can until I do.”


Rapunzel’s nightmare | © Disney Channel



After the events of Rapunzel getting her back and Lady Kaine, Rapunzel dreams about Mother Gothel, who is delighted that Rapunzel’s hair has returned. Taunting her, Gothel threatens to bring Rapunzel back to the tower where she’ll be safe forever. Gothel makes rocks arise from the ground, awakening Rapunzel from her nightmare.


Rapunzel really wants to tell Eugene, but Cassandra convinces her not to, noting that Eugene is not the best at keeping secrets. Instead, Cass suggests that the two of them visit the possibly-dangerous wizard Varian, who may be able to provide answers about Rapunzel’s hair. Varian actually turns out to be a young, quirky alchemist and he agrees to do a number of tests on Rapunzel’s hair.


Rapunzel and Cassandra meet Varian | © Disney Channel


Varian confirms that Rapunzel’s hair has indeed lost it’s magical healing abilities. Next, Varian hooks Rapunzel up to a machine to perform more tests on her hair. When Varian’s machine wielding sharp, spinning blades near Rapunzel, Eugene bursts into Varian’s lair.


Rapunzel hooked up to Varian’s machine | © Disney Channel YouTube


Varian reveals to Eugene that he’s been constructing five ginormous machines underground to bring the town hot water. The only downside? It’s been causing ground-shaking tremors. Eugene is not down with this, as the machines are clearly unstable and he wants to warn the townspeople of possible earthquakes.


Once Varian leaves the room, Eugene tells Rapunzel and Cassandra about Varian’s plans and how the tremors are going to turn into a full-on earthquake. Cassandra saves Varian as his house starts to explode while Eugene helps Rapunzel escape. Varian’s father shows up and expresses his disappointment. Rapunzel then decides to tell Eugene the truth and explains that she did not, in fact, just wake up to find her hair long again, but she snuck out of Corona and Cassandra helped her.




In the following episodes Rapunzel and her friends have many more adventures. We even get to meet Lance, a longtime friend of Eugene from his thieving days! Eugene helps King Frederic pull a prank on a rival ruler, Rapunzel confronts a ghost at the Snuggly Duckling, and Cassandra meets a possible suitor.


Things start to go to awry when Rapunzel is left in charge of Corona while her parents go away on vacation to celebrate their anniversary. Before her parents leave, Varian and his father, Quirin, meet with the King to discuss how the rocks have taken over Old Corona, where Varian and his father live. However, Varian catches his father lying.


Rather than informing the king of the situation with the rocks, like he promised the people of Old Corona, Quirin asks the king for more land, since the harvest had been so good. The king grants Varian’s father more land, and after Varian and Quirin leave the King’s presence, Varian demands to know why Quirin lied. Quirin doesn’t reveal anything and tells Varian that Old Corona is just going to have to endure the rocks for now. Varian stays behind to tell Rapunzel that his father had been lying and that the rocks have actually gotten much worse. Much to everyone’s delight, it starts to snow once King Frederic and Queen Arianna leave. This joy changes quickly, as the snow worsens and Rapunzel’s parents’ carriage falls of the side of cliff due to the harsh weather conditions.


Rapunzel assuming the throne | © Disney Channel




Meanwhile, Varian’s father catches him spreading an alchemy concoction on the rocks that have sprung up throughout their house. Varian’s concoction backfires terribly and it starts to crystalize and grow rapidly towards him. Quirin pushes Varian out of the way, causing himself to be engulfed by the crystals instead. Horrified, Varian runs to seek help before it’s too late.


Trouble hasn’t reached the castle just yet. Rapunzel declares an official snow day and so everyone is enjoying the snow day to the fullest extent. Rapunzel wonders aloud if it has ever snowed this much before. The blacksmith Xavier responds by telling the legend of a time when an evil warlock who hated Corona so much that they cast a snowstorm to spread across the land, destroying everything in its path. The day was saved when a man named Lord Demanitus used magic and science to create a subterranean machine that had the ability to change the direction of the wind. Xavier warns that some people say that the curse lives on and the spell is waiting for Corona to be at its weakest to strike.


A defeated-looking Max, who had been with the king and queen, returns to the castle and it becomes clear that the Frederic and Arianna are in danger. Eugene, Lance, and friends from the Snuggly Duckling volunteer to go search and rescue them.


Back at Varian’s place, Varians father is alone and the crystals keep growing. Running out of time, he writes his son a detailed note. The crystals consume him while the letter remains grasped in his hand.


Quirin writes Varian a letter while he becomes encased in the crystal | YouTube user Tangled The Series


As the crystals begin to take over, Rapunzel grapples with the choice of whether she should evacuate everyone to the shelters on the mainland or not. Rapunzel doesn’t know what to do, because she’s worried that not everyone will make it there in time. Varian makes it past the guards and begs Rapunzel to come with him back to Old Corona, harping on the fact that Rapunzel and the rocks have a connection that could possibly save his father. Rapunzel tells him that she can’t help him at the moment, and that she needs to focus on the citizens of Corona. Varian is dragged away by the guards, screaming of the promise Rapunzel made that she would help him.


Varian gets taken away by Corona’s Royal Guard | © Disney Channel YouTube


Rapunzel decides to evacuate the kingdom, but during the evacuation, she and Cassandra find Xavier and together they discover the Demanitus machine which has the power to cast the powerful wind away from Corona. Rapunzel turns the crank on the machine and it starts to work until a stone falls down into the gears, stopping it. Rapunzel nervously lowers Pascal down using her hair to reach the stone but Pascal isn’t close enough. Pascal lets go of Rapunzel’s hair, falling down to where the blocked gears are located and knocks the lodged stone out of the way, allowing the machine to work, but sacrificing himself in the process.











Rapunzel, Cassandra, and Xavier find the Dementus machine | Disney Channel YouTube


The Dementus machine at work | Disney Channel YouTube


The snow storm across Corona ends, and the citizens rejoice. Rapunzel is beside herself and Cassandra comforts her as she grieves over the loss of Pascal. Much to the surprise of Rapunzel, Cassandra, and Xavier, Pascal emerges over the edge and Rapunzel embraces him. Back at the castle, Eugene and the gang returns with Queen Adrianna and King Frederic. Back at Varian’s house, a distraught Varian finds his father trapped in the crystal and vows that anyone who stood in his path will pay.


And that concludes part one of Rapunzel Recaps Season One. Tune in next time to read about the rest of season one!


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