“Star Vs The Forces of Evil” creator leads New York Comic Con panel on new book “The Magic Book of Spells”

November 4, 2018


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Daron Nefcy, creator of the hit Disney XD/Disney Channel show “Star Vs. The Forces of Evil” led a panel at Shop Studio to talk about her new book “The Magic Book of Spells” for New York Comic Con. “Star Vs The Forces of Evil” follows Star Butterfly, 14 year-old princess of Mewni, who after receiving the royal magic wand for her birthday is sent away to earth by her parents in the hopes that she’ll learn to be more responsible. “The Magic Book of Spells” is featured heavily in the show as Star and all of the past queens of Mewni wrote all sorts of spells, diary entries, and recipes inside.


Daron talking about working on the book  © Emily Borowski


“The Magic Book of Spells” is being cited as “season 3.5” due to the amount of detail and world building that takes place. The book is also acting as a filler between the long wait for the season 4 premiere that is expected due to Star moving from Disney XD to Disney Channel. Daron explained that the book provides “... an opportunity to dive into characters that we maybe knew about but we didn’t have time to dig in any deeper and dig in deeper to characters that we already love like Moon (Star’s mother).”


The book design inside and out is gorgeous. Just like the book in the show, Nefcy and the creators of the book wanted it to be really big, which explains their choice to use thick paper for the pages. “We wanted to have a lot of interactive stuff in there so there’s tarot cards that you can actually do, and you know, because there are spells,” explains Nefcy, “I actually hope someone can figure out how to do the spells, but I also wanted there to be sort of more real world magic that can be done.” There’s also a secret language that readers can decipher using just what’s written in the pages. With the amount of detail in the writing extending all the way down to the handwriting, “The Magic Book of Spells” will satisfy fans of all ages.


“Star Vs The Forces Of Evil” is also famous for being light hearted and funny while being capable of dealing with issues ranging from racism to colonization. During the panel Nefcy explained that “Like all of us I really enjoy a dense universe, and like all of us when we are affected by our history, the characters we know are affected by our history and Star is having to deal with the mistakes that people in her family have made in the past, trying to right wrongs and all of this stuff so you can really see how all of that came to be.” An important plot point and conflict is [Spoiler!] that Star and her mother aren’t really of royal blood. When Eclipsa (Star’s ninth great-grandmother) was queen, she ran off with a monster whom she had a child with. The Realm of High Magic switched Eclipsa’s half monster child with a human child who Star is a decendant from which causes Star to question whether she and her family deserve the throne.


At the end of the panel I got to snag a picture with Daron herself! © Emily Borowski


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