Mickey’s Halloween Party tickets are on sale, should you go?

September 17, 2018

Mickey’s Halloween Party | © Disneyland Resort 


Pumpkin-flavored beignets, characters in Halloween costumes, ride overlays, and our beloved Mickey Pumpkin on Main Street can be expected with the beginning of fall. Halloween can be one of the most magical times to visit Disneyland. Every inch of the park is decorated with Disney magic to make each visitor feel the joy that accompanies Halloween. However, if you’re not going to Mickey’s Halloween Party, you’re not experiencing all that Disney has to offer for Halloween.


If you’ve never heard of Mickey’s Halloween Party, don’t fret. You still qualify as a Disney nerd (whew). Even myself, a self-proclaimed Disney freak, had absolutely no idea that it existed until I made my trip out and realized that I couldn’t visit Disneyland at night due to it being closed for the party. If you live far away from the parks, or don’t check your Disney emails religiously, it can be difficult to catch these special-ticket events. So don’t worry, I’ve got you. You still have time to buy your event ticket, but before you do, here’s some information to help you decide if the ticket is worth it for you.


Activities and Special Perks

If you’re not a fan of Halloween or special Disney events, then this probably isn’t worth your money. However, I know most of us are willing to dole out any amount of money to attend these events for their special parades, fireworks, character interactions, and more. So here’s what you can expect from a night at Mickey’s Halloween Party:

  • Costumes! Duh, right? We’re all used to the little princesses and princes running around the park, but for one of the only times Disneyland allows, ADULTS can wear costumes as well. Permitted the costumes don’t involve weapons (another duh), masks, or are inappropriate in nature. And if you dress up as a Disney character, you can’t sign autographs or pose for photos as if you were a “real” character. You can read the rest of the costume guidelines here under “Dressing for Special Events.”

  • Fireworks! “Halloween Screams” is the Mickey’s Halloween Party exclusive fireworks show that is hosted by Jack Skellington. During this special fireworks show, your favorite (or not-so-favorite) villains come out to say hi. Please keep in mind that the show is weather-permitted, so don’t base your entire trip off “Halloween Screams!”

  • Special Parade! “Frightfully Fun Parade” is yet another of Mickey’s Halloween Party exclusive. You’ll get to see the Headless Horseman start off the parade, which is filled with characters we rarely get to see in the spotlight. You’ll get a healthy dose of “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” everyone’s favorite hitchhiking ghosts, Dr. Facilier (my favorite float), and a finale you won’t want to miss. Quite honestly, this parade alone is worth the price of the ticket for me.

  • Trick-or-treating! Get weird looks around the neighborhood because you’re an adult who still trick-or-treats? Well, Mickey’s Halloween Party provides a judgement-free experience for any child-at-heart who wants to get some candy (of which there is PLENTY). Through a Disney-provided map (oooh, did someone say souvenir) or the Disney app, you can follow the Treat Trail and claim your treats! And if you’re a ghost on a diet, don’t worry, there are healthy snacks too!

  • Villain’s Square! Do you have an odd fixation on a Disney villain that doesn’t really make sense? Same. It can be sad to visit the park and never see your favorite Disney villains, but now is your time! Town Square turns into Villain’s Square, where you can interact with your favorite villains, and even get a picture or two. Which leads me to another important point - FREE PHOTOPASS DOWNLOADS. Of course, this only applies to photos taken during the event.

  • SHORTER RIDE TIMES! This may arguably be one of the best perks for older guests. Not a fan of trick-or-treating, parades, or fireworks? Okay, but how many times have you waited in a two hour line for Ghost Galaxy and have been ready to give ANY amount of money to get rid of half of the crowds in Disneyland that day? You don’t have to wait for Thanos to snap his fingers to get rid of the crowd, all you need is a ticket to the event. With the smaller amount of guests allowed into the park for the event, and with the majority of them partaking in the activities, you can essentially walk onto any ride.

What You Need To Know

If you are a parent of a child three or under, good news! They get in for free. This was a HUGE selling point for me, as I only had to cover my own cost. If you buy an event ticket, it acts as a park-hopper for Disneyland and Disney California Adventure (DCA) for up to three hours before Mickey’s Halloween Party begins. After that, you’ll have five hours of enjoying the Halloween Party with a small crowd of guests. If you choose to hop into DCA to ride a couple of attractions during the party, you’ll still be able to use your event ticket to enter both parks.


If you’re an annual passholder, most nights are discounted for you. Make sure you sign into your account before you buy, in order to receive the discount. Also, keep in mind that the days closer to Halloween are more expensive.

The available dates left, hours, and ticket prices (without annual pass discount) of the party are:

October 2nd, 2018- 6:00 PM- 11:00 PM $115 SOLD OUT

October 16th, 2018- 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM $115 SOLD OUT

October 23rd, 2018- 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM $115 SOLD OUT

October 29th, 2018- 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM $130


Tickets are selling fast, as this is a popular event, so make sure you buy them soon!


If this doesn’t sound like the event for you, no worries. You’ll still get an amazing Disney Halloween experience in both parks without going to Mickey’s Halloween Party. On top of the decorations and holiday-themed food, be on the lookout for the holiday overlays on Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain (Ghost Galaxy), and Guardians of the Galaxy (Monsters After Dark). Cars Land also takes on the Halloween spirit, and becomes Radiator Screams. You’ll also be able to see “Haul-O-Ween” costumes, and both Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters and Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree receive some Halloween decor and music.


We’ll see you in the parks this Halloween season!


For more information on Mickey’s Halloween Party in Disneyland, visit this link.



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