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'The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance' cast announced by Netflix

December 18, 2018

“When single shines the triple sun. What was sundered and undone. Shall be whole, the two made one. By gelfling hand or else by none.”

—Jen, “The Dark Crystal”


It’s been a long time since we’ve been invited into the world of Mystics and Skeksis’, but Netflix is about to take us back to “The Dark Crystal.” Originally announced in May 2017, “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” is a joint venture with Netflix and The Jim Henson Company which promises a 10-episode prequel to the 1982 fantasy film. Henson and Muppet devotees have been waiting for such a project to come to fruition for years, and have suffered through tease after tease of potential adaptations.


This week Netflix announced a star-studded voice cast for the series, including names such as Taron Egerton (“Kingsmen”), Nathalie Emmanuel (“Game of Thrones”), Mark Hamill (“Star Wars,” duh), Andy Samberg (“Brooklyn 99”), and so many more. Along with the veritable scroll of famous names were some first-look images of the production.

 Rian (voiced by Taron Egerton) | ©Netflix


The series, set in the familiar world of Thra, will serve as a prequel to the original film. It will follow three Gelflings on an adventure to discover secrets about the (nightmare inducing) Skeksis. One detail we’re ecstatic to hear is that the production team behind the series is committed to using traditional Henson puppetry, with only a few instances of CGI animation and green-screening. Practical effects and puppetry is an art oft forgotten in modern cinema, so it’s refreshing to have something like this Netflix production to look forward to! And with the magic of Henson behind it, we’re sure it will be something to behold.

 Brea (voiced by Anya Taylor Joy) | ©Netflix


There is still no official release date for the series, but it will likely be released sometime in 2019. In the meantime, brush off your copy of “The Dark Crystal” and prepare yourself to reenter the dark, mysterious, fantastical world created by Jim Henson, Frank Oz, and Brian Froud.


Have you seen the original film? Do you love it or hate it? Sound off in the comments!


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