WDW's New Mid-Day Magic is A Dream for Everyone

August 17, 2019


This week, Walt Disney World announced the new Mid-Day Magic Ticket, which allows guests to save money on park admission in exchange for four hours less park access than with a standard ticket. When news of the new ticket option broke today, the reaction was almost entirely positive.  Unsure what the benefits of Mid-Day Magic are for your park personality type? Read on and learn how your trip just got better.

I’m a Night Owl! 

Love WDW, but hate waking up earlier on vacation than you do at home? Great news, this ticket was (quite literally) made for you! The Mid-Day Magic ticket allows visitors to enter any of the four parks beginning at 12pm, rather than the standard 9am opening times. The Mid-Day magic tickets are priced at a fraction of a full day ticket -- $88 per day, compared to $109 for a one-park full day ticket. This allows visitors to feel better about sleeping in and missing rope drop; time may still be money, but 19% less money for 66% of the time is a good deal. Trade your unused park hours for some quality time at the pool, or use them to unleash your inner childless millennial at a wildly expensive brunch, the way Bob Chapek would prefer.


I’m an Early Bird!

Can’t imagine a WDW trip without multiple days of being up before the sun to make sure you’re on Slinky Dog Dash ahead of those pesky kids? Well believe it or not, this new ticket option is about to make your day vacation even better than before. Mid-Day magic holders aren’t eligible for Extra Magic Hours, whether or not they’re staying on property. Between incentivizing bargain hunters to sleep in and reducing the number of folks able to use EMH, crowds across the parks should be lighter during those crucial opening hours. Now you’ll only have to be through the turnstiles 45 minutes before park open instead of the usual 60! Combine this with the extra Extra Magic Hours being offered this fall, and you’re guaranteed to get to ride Na’vi River Journey as much as you want before The Slacker Family even makes it to their 7am character breakfast. 


I Spent All My Money on Spirit Jerseys!

While it’s important to remember that Disney is a privilege, not a right, sometimes we all want something that might be a bit of a stretch on the wallet. Disney’s recent streak of hard-ticket events are being sold as an alternative to a standard park admission at a discount, and most are only for 4-7 hours, while still costing over a hundred dollars per person. In comparison, Mid-Day Magic tickets give you 8+ park hours with all rides operating for a significantly lesser cost than, say, Villains After Hours. True, the lines at the rides will be just as long as they always are during the day, but you’ll have the cash back in your pocket to spend on food...or more likely, food-related merchandise.   


I’ve Got Cash To Burn! 

Maybe you’re one of those types who’s got more money than you know how to spend. Whether you’re involved in the world’s worst tax dodge, won the lottery, or are just a DVC member, the Mid-Day Magic ticket is still a good bet for you! True, it’s cheaper than a one-day park ticket, but tickets can only be used in a small time frame of activating them, meaning you’ll have to stay longer to use the whole pack. A two-day Mid-Day ticket pack must be used within four days of the first use, so no double-dipping your ticket block across multiple trips. Now that you’re on property longer, might as well rent a limo and head over to Universal Studios for the 4 hours you’re locked out, where a 2-park*, one-day ticket will set you back $170. Get in, stock up on wands and butterbeer, and get back to the Magic Kingdom in time for the 3 o’clock parade.


I Think Disney Is For Weirdos and Little Kids!

Great, don’t go then! More room for me at Trader Sam’s. 


*Yes, it seems even Universal has given up on calling Volcano Bay their third gate. 


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