This New Line is D-Lish

January 22, 2019

We’re only a few weeks into 2019 and Disney is already gaining traction with this new merchandise. First, they released the Potion Purple Headband, which gained major coverage across many of Disney’s social media sites. Now they have released an entire line of Potion Purple products, including a Spirit Jersey, Loungefly backpack and wallet.


Potion Purple Spirit Jersey and Headband | © Disneyland


The Spirit Jersey is available in adult and kid sizes.


Potion Purple Loungefly backpack | © Disneyland


In addition to the new Potion Purple merchandise, Disney has released a new line of snack-themed clothing and home items titled “D-Lish.” These products range from shirts, to backpacks, to plates, and even dish towels. They’ve really got it all! Let’s look a little closer at some of it.


Merchandise display at World of Disney in Downtown Disney | © Adriana Ortiz


First off are the highly anticipated pink donut Minnie Mouse ears!


Pink Donut Headband | © Adriana Ortiz


These are so fun! The ears are squishy, too. Will you be picking up a pair?


Parks Snacks Loungefly Backpack | © Adriana Ortiz


The new Loungefly backpack features your favorite Disney parks snacks, including Dole Whip, Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar, Mickey pretzel, candied apple, and more!


 Parks Snacks Loungefly Wallet | © Adriana Ortiz


They have a wallet version, too.


D-Lish Pizza Merchandise | © Adriana Ortiz


Pizza fans, rejoice! Your time is now! There’s now lots of pizza merch sold at Disney. Options include socks, purses, and pillows, all in the classic pizza slice shape.  My personal favorites are the giant, soft pizza pillows. The pepperoni pieces serve as hidden Mickeys. Grab these items while they’re hot!


D-List Youth Pizza Socks | © Adriana Ortiz


How creative are these packaging for youth socks? They were previously only found at Tokyo Disneyland, but now we have a chance to snag up a pair! Let’s hope they come out with adult sizes soon.


Disney x Danielle Nicole Pizza Purse | © Adriana Ortiz


Here’s a closer look at the Disney x Danielle Nicole pizza purse. We love the hidden Mickey detailing and the subtle sparkle in the crust and pepperoni.  The sizing isn’t too large, but it’s big enough to hold a cell phone, wallet, and park tickets, and a few other necessities.


Let’s look at some of the clothing offered in the new D-lish line.


Are you more into sweet treats at Disney?


Sweet Cupcake T-Shirt | © Adriana Ortiz


Or salty snacks?


Salty Pretzel T-Shirt | © Adriana Ortiz


Packaged cupcake socks | © Adriana Ortiz


How cute are these? They’re adult socks in cupcake packaging! They also come in Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto cupcake packaging. Each sock is designed to simultaneously look like a fab five character and a cupcake. Fun things do come in small packages!


Disney D-Lish Merchandise | © Adriana Ortiz


There’s now matching snack-patterned tees! These grey tops are patterned with the same classic Disney Parks snack items that the Loungefly backpacks have. There is a scoop-neck and button-up polo variety. They pair well with the coral Dole whip or pink Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar dad hats. There’s also a new grey sleeveless tank with the words “currently craving” written under a Mickey cupcake, Dole whip, churro and candy apple design. It even has a cool hoodie!


Disney D-Lish T-Shirt and Disney x Danielle Nicole Donut Purse | © Adriana Ortiz


Calories don’t count when you’re on vacation, right? There is also a Minnie Mouse donut purse by Disney x Danielle Nicole available. The red Minnie Mouse bow is the perfect touch to the white-icing and sprinkles donut design!


Disney D-Lish Churro-themed T-Shirts | © Adriana Ortiz


This line didn’t forget about all the churro lovers. There are many different options when it comes to churro-themed clothing, whether it’s a light sweater or t-shirt. On the top left, the blue hooded tee reads, “Churro eating contest world champion.” The tees on the bottom, although not quite new to the parks, say “churros” in a baseball raglan and a short-sleeved heathered blue top. Which tee is more your style?


D-Lish includes plenty of options for kids apparel and accessories, too.


Disney D-Lish Kids T-Shirts and Mugs | © Adriana Ortiz


The pink tank describes just how we feel about Disney snacks: love! The beige tank features a classic Mickey Mouse hat-shaped silhouette in the front and center, and is great for any kid’s first time to the parks. It reads, “I’m here for the mouse and a Mickey bar.” Same here.


Disney D-Lish Kids Snacks T-Shirts | © Adriana Ortiz


The grey t-shirt has, “insert snacks here,” written on it, and the navy blue tee reads, “I’m just here for the snacks.”


Disney D-Lish Girls Apparel | © Adriana Ortiz


The cream-colored shirt says, “Life is better with a cupcake and a Mickey bar,” and features a Minnie Mouse cupcake in the front. There are also snack-patterned leggings that are soft enough to double as pajamas. The snack plushies aren’t new to the parks, but they match this line perfectly. The grey hoodie shows Mickey and Minnie cupcakes in the front with the words “love at first bite” in red lettering.


Disney Patched Snacks Patches | © Adriana Ortiz


These snack-themed patches are great additions to any hat, backpack, jean jacket, or other clothing item. They feature the classics: donuts, Mickey ice cream bars, and cupcakes.


Now let’s look a little closer at what home and kitchen stuff is included in the line.


D-Lish Kitchenware | © Adriana Ortiz


Wine stoppers, straws, food bag clips, and coasters, oh my! Disney’s thought of it all.


D-Lish Plates | © Adriana Ortiz


Team sweet or salty? This collection has appetizer, salad, and dish plates to represent your team! They are designed with pizzas, candy apples, pretzels, and other snacks in the middle of each dish.




D-Lish Apron | © Adriana Ortiz


Can’t forget an apron with Disney snacks printed all over. The pocket is in the design of a Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar!


D-Lish Kitchen and Outdoor Accessories | © Adriana Ortiz


D-Lish Ice Cream Acessories | © Adriana Ortiz


Door mats, kitchen towels, ice cream cups, popsicle molds, tumblers and string lights are shown on these displays. The tumbler is designed to look like a Dole Whip float, and the doormat features three Dole Whips. The string lights alternate between blue Mickeys and hanging Dole Whips. These are great for any party or house decor!


What do you think?  Will you be grabbing anything from the new D-Lish or Potion Purple collection? Let us know!


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