Ralph Break VR — Fun or Forced?

January 10, 2019

This holiday season, I had the opportunity to attend the The VOID in Toronto and play “Ralph Breaks VR.” This is the same experience being offered at Disney Springs in Florida and at Downtown Disney in California. The VOID offers realistic hyper-reality VR adventures based on some storyline or IP. Last summer, I completed the "Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire” experience in Disney Springs (not once, not twice, but three times!!). Because of how much I loved the “Star Wars” adventure, I went into “Ralph Breaks VR” with high expectations.


Here is my review of the experience (spoiler warning):


“Ralph Break VR” | © The Disney Parks Blog


“Ralph Breaks VR” begins with each person in the group picking a lanyard depicting a different character. This character serves as each person’s avatar throughout the experience. Make sure to take a good look at your friends during the adventure, as they will appear as the character of their choosing!


Before gearing up, you are briefed by Ralph and Vanellope. Spoiler alert: they are taking you into the internet! They mention that you will be able to play a super fun game and that is pretty much all the detail given at this point. Then, you and your group are moved to get suited up in all the VR gear.


Now it is time for the game to begin and in no time at all Ralph and Vanellope are travelling with you into the internet! The world of the internet, inspired by the imagery in the 2018 film “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” soon completely surrounds you. Be sure to look all around, including above you, as this experience is 360 degrees!


You and your group’s skills are put to the test with several minigames. Compete with your friends through an old-fashioned Galaga-type game and other mini-games which require you to interact with your surroundings. Of course, it would not be “Ralph Breaks VR” without some chaos. So, pick up your blaster and shoot milkshakes at some totally cute (but totally vicious) rabbits and cats. Things get completely out of hand, but Ralph and Vanellope help save the day and the game ends.


The VOID promotional image | © The VOID


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience during “Ralph Breaks VR.” The adventure had its own spin from the “Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire” experience and presented many surprises. I particularly appreciated that “Ralph Breaks VR” had a scoreboard element (check your left hand during the game to see how you are scoring up against your group). This added a competitive edge to the game and allows for fun multiple replays. The downside of the “Star War”s experience is after two or three game plays, I grew bored of the adventure. There was no variety in the game between plays. However, the competition between the group that “Ralph Break VR” presents will make each game different and exciting.


In terms of my favorite experience between “Ralph” and “Star Wars,” “Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire”  still takes the cake for me. Fair warning though — I am a huge “Star Wars” fan so my opinion is biased. There was nothing that could top the experience for me of appearing as a stormtrooper, riding through the galaxy with K-2S0 and fighting an epic battle against Darth Vader. I never wanted to leave the “Star Wars” universe and it was a dream come true to experience the universe first-hand. I believe this experience would be amazing to anyone, but especially the “Star Wars” superfan.


Nevertheless, I thought “Ralph Breaks VR” was extremely fun and accessible to the entire family (note: you must be over the age of 10 to experience The VOID). The experience couples the film “Ralph Breaks the Internet” perfectly and puts you front and center in all the action. I mean, who doesn’t love blasting milkshakes at raging bunnies and kittens?? I highly recommend stopping by The VOID next time you head to a Disney resort and experiencing “
Ralph Breaks VR” for yourself!

Find out more about ticketing and accessibility of The VOID here.

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