The Pursuit of the Pressed Pennies

June 28, 2019

I don’t know about you, but when I was a little kid visiting the Disney Parks, all I wanted to do was find every coin press machine that they had. And now, with an upcoming trip just around the corner, and some friends who really love themselves some pressed coins, my quest has been brought back to life; I’m on the hunt for all the best penny smasher spots Walt Disney World has to offer. 


Walt Disney World Resort now has a webpage dedicated to these machines, and while my original plan was to make a comprehensive list of all of the coin press machines in WDW (both in honor of 4th grade me and my quest this summer), I realized a few things:


1) There are 126 of these machines (!!)

2) Lots of lists already exist on the internet

3) You can literally find all of the machines on the My Disney Experience App 


I didn’t realize how many people were as obsessed with hunting down the pennies as I was. There are so. many. resources online at this point, that it’s almost a bit overwhelming. Here is the easiest and most low-key way of starting (or restarting) your pressed penny pursuit!


Let’s start with the basics!


Step 1: In the My Disney Experience App, which is available for iPhone and Android, search “Coin press machines” in the search box.



Step 2: Click the option that matches your search, and then click “Find on Map.” This opens up your screen to a massive map with more specifics on the locations of each machine.





Step 2b: Scoff at size of map.





Step 3: Once you’ve clicked on “find on map,” zoom in on your desired location. As you get closer, the numbers turn into little “i” symbols, and you can click on them to get an exact location of each machine. 




Once I found that Disney themselves has made a checklist of sorts, I knew that the rest of the Disinternet must have too, and so began my sleuthing. I found this article from The Mouse for Less which is uh-mazing! It includes printable checklists and information on how many machines are in each park/resort with what kinds of coins you’d need to use them – fyi, the best types of pennies to use are those printed pre-1982 (newer pennies contain zinc, creating a streaky press). 


If you love pressed coins, but the Disneyland Resort is your home park, then you’re still in luck! You can repeat the same steps on the Disneyland app (just search “pressed coin machines” instead of “coin press machines”) and follow the process outlined above. There are not as many premade checklists available online, though, so you may want to do some planning ahead of time by going through the app and making a list of your must-hit machines. 


I am definitely going to be printing out the lists from The Mouse for Less to keep track this summer. In the meantime, I’ll start with these locations:

  • Magic Kingdom:

    • Coin Press Machine (CPM) at Castle Couture

    • CPM at Big Top Souvenirs 

    • CPM at Buzz Lightyear Ranger Spin Photos

    • CPM at Splash Mountain

    • CPM at Jungle Cruise

    • CPM at the Main Street Confectionery

    • CPM at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant


  • EPCOT:

    • CPM at The Land

    • CPM at Mouse Gear

    • CPMs from each country in World Showcase


  • Hollywood Studios:

  • (a lot of these ones are in the stores or outside of big rides)

    • CPM in Toy Story Land

    • CPM at Frozen Fractal Gifts

    • CPM at PizzeRizzo


  • Animal Kingdom:

    • CPM at Restaurantosauraus

    • CPM at Yak & Yeti


  • Animal Kingdom Lodge:

    • CPM at The Mara

    • CPM at Pumbaa’s Fun & Games Arcade


Does all of this information reignite your flame to hunt these coins down? Did you ever even stop trying to press every penny? Disneyland-goers, would you be interested in seeing a checklist from us here at Rainbow Caverns? Let me know in the comments below!


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