New Merch: 2019 Edition!

January 16, 2019

Hi, friends! It’s a new year, and that means new merchandise at the Disneyland®  Resort. Let’s have a look at what’s new! Some of the merchandise was released before the start of the new year, but it’s always fun to see what new merch they get.


Let’s start with the star of the resort: ear headbands! Up first, Potion Purple ears! Look how they sparkle, especially in the sun!


Disney Parks Purple Potion ears | © Adriana Ortiz


There’s also new Buzz Lightyear-inspired ears! Just in time for the new “Toy Story 4” teaser trailer.


Disney Parks Buzz Lightyear ears - front | © Adriana Ortiz


Disney Parks Buzz Lightyear ears - back | © Adriana Ortiz


We love having a variety of the classic Minnie Mouse headbands, right? Well, we have another one inspired by Disney/Pixar’s “Up.”  These resemble the interchangeable bows Disney used to sell at the parks. If you weren’t able to pick these up then, now is your chance!


Disney Parks "Up"  ears - front | © Adriana Ortiz



Disney Parks "Up" ears - back | © Adriana Ortiz


We also have new hats available. The first is inspired by Disney’s “Dumbo,” with the phrase “frequent flyer” embroidered in the front.  Right under the visor reveals Dumbo’s trunk holding a feather. Clearly, it’s there to help you fly.


Disney Parks "Dumbo" hat - front | © Adriana Ortiz


Disney Parks "Dumbo" hat - inside | © Adriana Ortiz


Next, we have a new hat inspired by Disney/Pixar’s “Monsters, Inc.” This hat is perfect for Disney-bounding as Boo, as its pattern resembles her door from the film.


Disney Parks "Monsters, Inc." hat | © Adriana Ortiz


Disneyland has new merchandise that features the year on it.  Let’s take a look! There are new glow ears (they light up when you press a button!) that have 2019 written on the ears.  It might be possible that these are only released for New Year’s Eve, so be sure to pick these up quickly!


There are also new shirts, sweaters, hoodies, mugs, calendars, and more that feature the 2019 emblem.  Here are some examples. These are great souvenirs if you only visit the parks once a year (or every few years). 


I especially love the Mickey and Minnie toys. They look so cute!  Mickey is holding an iconic Mickey shaped ice-cream bar while Minnie is enjoying a Dole whip. There’s even 2019 pins!


Click on the gallery to view each item!


Disney also has another set of classic Minnie Mouse ears for the new year, featuring their design of iconic attractions and elements on the bow.


Disney Parks classic attraction symbol ears | © Adriana Ortiz


There’s a new hoodie in the women’s section! Spotted at World of Disney, this navy blue sweater says “Castle Fireworks Brand.”  Any fireworks fans out there absolutely need this?


Disney Parks fireworks sweatshirt | © Adriana Ortiz


We love the attractions at Disneyland!  Ever wanted a tee that listed all the major ones and their opening dates on the back? Now’s your chance! This was also spotted at World of Disney in the graphic tees section.  Which ride is your favorite?


Disney Parks attraction opening dates T-shirt - front | © Adriana Ortiz


Disney Parks attraction opening dates T-shirt - back | © Adriana Ortiz


For Mickey’s 90th birthday celebration, a new keychain was released.  I tried to capture the new 90th birthday ears, however they are (as of writing this article) sold out resort wide.  Let’s hope they restock on them soon!


Disney Parks Mickey's 90th birthday keychain - front | © Adriana Ortiz


Disney Parks Mickey's 90th birthday keychain - back | © Adriana Ortiz


Getting ready for Valentine’s Day already? Here’s a cute gift idea: Mickey and Minnie dressed up as hearts! Meanwhile, our hearts are melting. Note: Mickey and Minnie are sold separately.


Disney Parks Mickey & Minnie Valentine toys| © Adriana Orti


Some miscellaneous merchandise: New diorama displays of attractions! These little cardboard cutouts are great items to gift, or keep for yourself.  There currently are dioramas for It’s a small world, The Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, and Mad Tea Party.


Disney Parks attractions diorama display | © Adriana Ortiz


Disney Parks attractions diorama package - front | © Adriana Ortiz


Disney Parks attractions diorama package - back | © Adriana Ortiz


Lastly, Disney now has a doom buggy from The Haunted Mansion.  When you click the logo in the front, the hitchhiking ghosts appear with light and sound.  This item came out during Christmas time, and is a great collectible item for every fan of the ride.


Disney Parks Haunted Mansion Doom Buggy - off | © Adriana Ortiz


Disney Parks Haunted Mansion Doom Buggy - on | © Adriana Ortiz


*All items were found in World of Disney in Downtown Disney, or at the Emporium in Disneyland.


Which new merch item is your favorite? I love the Valentine’s Day Mickey and Minnie plush.  I can’t wait to see what new stuff they’ll come out with during the next few months!


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