In Love at the Disney Parks

February 15, 2019

14 times I’ve been in a Disney Park and felt love.


I love love! I, like many, haven’t always had the best relationship with Valentine’s Day, but I have always loved spreading love, and this is a great day to take a second and remember all the times I’ve felt love in my heart.


This is definitely not the usual content you’ll see in my column, but I think it’s important for you, my readers, to know more about me and my personal story before we can talk about the broader technical aspects of theming and storytelling. Each of these moments have contributed to the person I am today.


1. When I danced with Cinderella when I was two – my first trip to Disney World.

Cinderella told me she remembered me (even though we had only met through my TV screen), and I was so so happy!


2001: My parents and I meeting Safari Mickey and Minnie on the same trip! | © Lexi Rosen


2. Getting to know Minnie.

Though I had met Minnie when I was a baby, this is the first time I remember meeting Minnie Mouse, and it was in front of the the old Sorcerer’s Hat in Hollywood Studios.


2009: I was truly star struck! Also, let’s take minute to admire this outfit, please. | © Lexi Rosen


3. Meeting Remy at Chefs de France with my friend, Demi!

We had gone to Disney World to dance in the Christmas Day Parade just a couple days before my birthday (you can see my pin in the picture!), and Remy came out to wish me a happy birthday that I would never forget!


2010: Don’t you miss being able to see him?? I know I do! | © Lexi Rosen


4. The first time my extended family all went to Disney World together for a family reunion.

My Nana is the reason I love Disney, so being able to be there with her for her first time experiencing the magic is something I’ll never forget and always be thankful for.


2012: Left to right: me, my cousin Hannah, my cousin Rachel on the bridge in Japan at Epcot! | © Lexi Rosen


5. Dancing in the Christmas Day Parade in Disney World with my bestest friends in 8th grade.

We practiced for so many hours and had countless sleepovers for “extra rehearsal time.” This trip bonded us together even more than we already were. It was one of the most magical trips, because I was with my best friends, and it actually is a memory I pull inspiration from all the time for my own writing!


2012: This was taken after we performed! Left to right: Melissa, Bre, me, Demi, Ava | © Lexi Rosen


6. The first time our my family went to Disney World with our family friends.

It was their daughters’ first times! (We’re going again with them this summer – get ready for us to recreate this pic!)


2014: Chloe and I loving our face paint! | © Lexi Rosen


7. The first time I went to Disneyland ever!

I was with my parents. This was also the first time I had ever been to California, and now I go to college here, so this trip obviously left a wonderful impression on me.


2014: Oof, that hair, girl! |© Lexi Rosen


8. When my best friends and I went to Disney World for our 16th birthdays with our moms!

This trip was filled with all sort of pixie dust from cast members, like an extra FASTPASS before park closing on our last night and free treats when we wore our birthday pins.


2015: We had so many Disney Bounds this trip!! Left to right, top row: Annette, Carolyn, Johanna, Eileen (my mom). Bottom row: Demi, Melissa, Ally, me. |© Lexi Rosen



9. My senior year spring break with my forever friends.

This trip was about two months before we would go to prom and then graduation, and everything would be changing so so soon. But in this moment, on this whole trip, we were happy and we didn’t have to worry about the future. It was the perfect cap to my childhood.


2017: We survived without killing each other and we’re all still friends, so I think it was a very successful trip! |© Lexi Rosen


10. Another family trip – this time for the 4th of July!

We had so much fun the first time that we decided we had to go a second, this time for our Nana’s birthday. This trip was amazing because all of us kids were old enough to run around and do as we pleased and meet up with the rest of our family for dining reservations.


2017: First time at Pandora! It’s so enchanting at nighttime. Left to right: Eileen (mom), me, Hannah, (Auntie) Robin, (Uncle) Ron. | © Lexi Rosen


11. Turning 19 in the Most Magical Place on Earth.

My first semester of college, I took my new friends to Disneyland for my 19th birthday – we had a 19 hour day to celebrate 19 years! Even though my new friends didn’t share the Disney obsession at first, I think they came around.


2017: Man, oh man, did these guys become my family! Can you believe we lasted 19 hours?? Left to right: Kirsten, me, Madison. Not pictured: Parker and Eric. |© Lexi Rosen


12. My first trip to Disneyland with my lovely boyfriend, my Prince Eric.

The Photopass photographer who took this picture was an absolute gem! He embodied Disney magic in every way! He was funny and sweet and made us laugh before taking the picture so we had little smiles and, of course, he reminded me to make sure that foot was popped!


2018: Dreams coming true! (yes, he was mentioned in number 11, but he wasn’t my boyfriend yet!) |© Lexi Rosen


13. When we celebrated surviving the dorms!

We went back to Disney World to celebrate surviving our freshman year of college. This was the trip of photo ops and so many outfit changes–I wouldn’t change a thing!


2018: so many magical memories!! Left to right: me, Julia, Ashley, Lara |© Lexi Rosen


14. Celebrating even more birthdays.

When my parents and I went to Disney World for a weekend for my dad’s birthday. It was amazing, because for the first time, we got to experience the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Plus! One of my friends, Demi, (featured in pics above) was doing her Disney College Program!!


2018: I have so many amazing pictures from this trip that it’s so hard to choose! Left to right: Mickey, Eileen (mom), me, Davey (dad), Minnie! |© Lexi Rosen


Demi and I living our dream! |© Lexi Rosen



BONUS! The last time I went to Disneyland.

It was for my birthday, and I had a magical two days with my boyfriend, and it is Valentine’s Day afterall, so I couldn’t leave this sweet picture out.


I love you, babe. | © Lexi Rosen


Thank you, Disney, for making my heart flutter in so many ways, so many times. And to all the friends and family in these pictures, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!


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