Grown-ish Episode 3 Recap

January 16, 2019

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The episode starts art with Zoey explaining all the rules she and her squad follow. There’s a rule that she - and everyone else - has to text “good morning” in the group chat everyday, there’s a rule that dictates everyone does an “outfit” check-in to avoid dressing alike, there’s a rule that says you can’t let your phone die, a rule that ensures that everyone in the group has approve and FaceTune pics before posting them on Instagram, and there’s even a rule that you have to FaceTune Ana’s butt before posting pictures of her on Instagram.


After Zoey snaps a picture for Instagram, Aaron invites everyone to a kickback at Hawkins. Everyone declines except for Zoey, so when she sees Doug at the party without Jazz, she freaks because Jazz and Doug have a rule that says, “No co-ed kickbacks without your GF or BF.” Zoey debates texting Jazz because she worries about starting drama over something that isn’t actually a problem, so she texts Nomi and Ana for advice while Luca also sends Zoey messages that she ignores. Zoey’s phone ends up dying which means she can’t continue her convo.


While all of this is going on, Aaron gets a noise complaint from the police. Aaron thinks things are going fine with the cops (because they aren’t white), but then they end up giving him a fine anyway.  


Zoey goes to Luca’s room and apologizes for her phone dying, but Luca is mad because Zoey ignored his messages to focus on texting Nomi and Ana. Zoey realizes her phone is being blown up with messages from Nomi and Ana, because Jazz knows about Doug.


In the 20 minutes her phone died, all hell broke loose because Ana texted the wrong group chat and ended up letting Jazz know that Zoey was texting about her.


Back at the apartment Jazz calls Zoey out for texting about her for 42 minutes. It’s also revealed that Noni attempted to kiss up to Jazz by screenshotting the private text convo between Ana, Nomi, and Zoey. Nomi then reveals that Jazz had a group chat about Zoey last week about how annoying Zoey’s teeth are (wtf??). Everyone is pissed off and they end up blaming everything on Zoey. Jazz isn’t even mad at Doug!


Zoey goes to bed but she can’t sleep because she's stressed and angry about the fight. When Zoey doesn't get any good mornings texts when she wakes up, she instantly knows that things are worse than she thought. She sends out a “good morning??” text but she gets no responses.


We then cut to Aaron talking to Charlie, who is Dean of Students, about the fine he got. Charlie tells him that he's a representative of Cal U and that he has to hold Arron to a higher standard. Aaron points out that when he signed up to be an RA he didn’t agree to that, and that the stipend he gets doesn’t amount to the load of work he has to do as an RA. Charlie tells him that he constantly gets complaints from employees that they’re overworked, and underpaid and that at the end of the day, everyone has a position to play. Aaron is stunned by Charlie’s sudden display of authority and Charlie asks him if he felt what he was saying because it was first time being authoritative.


Next, we cut back to Zoey who realizes that all of her friends logged out of the location tracking app. Zoey runs into Sky and she tells her that the only reason she’s mad at her is because Jazz and then blows her off.


Zoey goes to class only to see everyone icing her out. Zoey decides she doesn't want to live by their rules and leaves. Zoey accidently calls Luca only for her phone to die, which combined with the stress she’s feeling from her fight causes her to have a panic attack.


Zoey is visited by Luca at the health center. Zoey apologizes to Luca about her phone dying and also explains that she’s been feeling overwhelmed and that she feels like she can’t keep up with all of these rules. Luca tells her that sometimes people use rules to feel in control, and that he didn’t feel in control when Zoey wasn’t answering his texts while she was at a party with Aaron, which Luca acknowledges that was something that wasn’t a big deal.


After her talk with Luca, Zoey realizes that her friends made these rules as a means to manage their own insecurities and that she caused Jazz to feel insecure about the possibility of a friend not having her back. Zoey does a group text apologizing and she explains that she can’t keep following all of these rules and that someday she hopes that they can put their trust in each other. Nomi and Ana forgive her but Jazz leaves the group chat.


After the commercial break, we see Aaron and Vivek throwing another party. Aaron charges admission for people to enter much to Vivek’s annoyance. The cops from before return and Aaron pays them off so they leave the party alone and says, “Hey, we’re all just trying to play our positions.”




I really felt bad for Zoey during this episode! I honestly think she was just trying to do the right thing when she messaged Nomi and Ana about seeing Doug at the kickback. If Jazz had found out that Doug was there and Zoey didn’t think to tell her, that could have been bad too. The convo Zoey and Luca had about rules totally blew my mind, I never thought about rules in that way before.


I think Jazz not forgiving Zoey is gonna be interesting as heck and I think her beef with Zoey is gonna be more than just Zoey texting about Jazz behind her back. This episode mentioned that Jazz had a group chat talking shit about Zoey’s smile and I wonder if that’s gonna be brought up in the future.


                            Emily Borowski, Rutgers University ‘21


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