Grown-ish Episode 1 & 2 Recap

January 16, 2019

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Grown-ish is back with Season 2 and we want to share with you what we think!


Grown-ish, the Black-ish spinoff starring Yara Shahidi is back in session for season 2. Each week we’ll post a breakdown of the new episode and reactions from our Rainbow Caverns team. Season 1 ended with Zoey choosing Luca instead of Aaron at the end of her wild freshman year of college and season 2 picks up with Zoey starting her sophomore year.




Zoey moves into what she thought was going to be the nicest building on campus only to learn that her apartment is a gross disaster of a mess. Disappointed in the quality of their living space for the year, Zoey and her girlfriends decide to throw a party.


At the party, Vivek arrives decked out in Gucci and it’s revealed that he’s still selling drugs which… he brings in the apartment. Later Nomi reassures Ana that she told Vivek to not sell drugs in the room again.


Aaron ends up knocking on Zoey’s door and it’s awkward AF. Aaron mentions that he saw Zoey’s bf Luca around campus, which is news to Zoey. Zoey thought Luca would have called her when he got back from spending his summer in Paris.


 Zoey pays Luca a visit. Luca tells her that he was gonna call her, but the flight back was really long and that’s the reason why he didn’t call her. Zoey asks him to go back to her place — she has wine and cheese prepared for the two of them to celebrate Luca’s return, but Luca invites her into his room to watch a movie instead.


Afterward, Zoey goes back to the apartment and tells her girl squad that her night with Luca was hella underwhelming. Zoey explains that she had to wait for Luca to finish his shower. Then when he was finished, just when Zoey thinks Luca is gonna kiss her, Luca whips out a blunt from behind her. During the movie Luca tries to play with Zoey’s hair and ends up unromantically getting his fingers tangled in her curls. At the end of the movie, just when Zoey thinks that they’re finally gonna kiss, she realizes Luca fell asleep.


After retelling the time she spent with Luca to her friends, Zoey reveals to her friends that she feels an enormous amount pressure to make her sophomore year perfect after her freshman year was less than stellar. Her friends reassure to her that this pressure that she’s putting on herself is unrealistic and that finding her way in college is gonna take time  —just like how it took time for their apartment to get cleaned up.




The following episode opens with Zoey explaining that each couple gets a label, like the thrupple, or the hella cute couple. This idea causes Zoey to attempt to take cute selfies with Luca to be #relationshipgoals like Jazz and Doug, who started dating in season 1.


Back in the apartment, Zoey laments to her friends that despite Luca dripping in designer threads and being super attractive, they aren’t considered to be “goals.”


We next cut to Vivek playing video games in Hawkins, a historically black dorm on campus. While Vivek plays his game he tells Aaron that he plans on attending Brochella, an event thrown by a bunch of rich white kids on campus who can afford to throw lavish parties. Aaron, who is an RA this year at Hawkins, wants to reestablish Hawkins as a beacon of black excellence and he decides to throw an impromptu outdoor movie night to compete with Brochella and by extension the rich white kids on campus.   


Back at the apartment, Ana does a side by side comparison of Zoey and Luca’s picture and Jazz and Doug’s picture, in which she points out that Zoey and Luca’s body language is all wrong. Noni also awkwardly reveals that she and the rest of the gang feel that Zoey and Luca’s relationship has felt a little bit off ever since they reunited.


The gang minus Vivek attends Aaron’s movie night and Zoey sees Jazz and Doug being cuddly and cute, which pushes her to try to do the same with Luca.


Aaron hints that the movie is gonna be “Black Panther” by hyping up the crowd by telling them that Lupita Nyong'o is in it only to reveal that the movie they’re gonna watch is “12 Years a Slave.”


During the movie Zoey asks Luca if there’s any other life changes that he made that he didn’t tell her about (Luca is apparently vegan now too?). He then decides that this was gonna be the time to tell Zoey that he’s dropping the one class that their squad decided to take as a group, which rightfully upsets her.


Ana confronts Aaron about showing “12 Years a Slave,” and she convinces the crowd to go to Brochella instead.


Luca lays his head on Zoey’s lap and seeing that this could be seen as #relationshipgoals she promptly tries to take a cute pic, only for her to drop her phone on Luca. This causes Zoey to tell Luca how frustrated she’s been with their relationship. Luca tells her that hashtags and what other people think isn’t important to him. As Luca leaves, he posts a picture of him and Zoey with the caption “#relationshipgoals” to make a point.


Zoey runs into Aaron and she opens up to him about how the relationship problems she’s been having with Luca. Zoey tells him that over the summer things when they were apart, things were really good between them and that she doesn’t understand what changed. Aaron points out that they’ve been apart for most of their relationship and that Zoey has been pushing a little too hard and it’s pushing Luca away.


Zoey strikes up a conversation with Luca over Snapchat (this is how they communicated over the summer) and she snaps a picture of herself apologizing. Luca forgives her, owns up to the mistakes he made, and apologizes for not telling her about being home and for dropping the class.


Zoey and Luca end up meeting each other in person. The end of their fight is solidified when Luca tells Zoey that he loves her and they share a steamy kiss. They end up watching a movie and snapping a bunch of cute selfies.




I have been so excited for Grown-ish to come back! It is extremely relatable and the characters are amazing.



WOW. I was not expecting Zoey to pick Luca whatsoever. I really loved her with Aaron but the heart wants the what the heart wants, I guess! Also, I am very happy her girl gang is realizing that her and Luca were acting really weird after they reunited.


Nothing Was the Same:

I have always wondered what my couple label would be! Often times I do compare myself to other couples and those #relationshipgoals but like 2019, new year new me right?? But I am very happy that Luca and Zoey sat down and talked about their problems!


Cannot wait for the rest of the season :-)


Alysa Vazquez, Valencia College, Orlando FL

Better: I think this episode addressed a pretty common fear that college students share, which is the fear of not knowing what the hell you’re doing with your life. This fear, just as the episode showed us, is often times driven by the need to find solutions as quickly as you can which is something that just isn’t realistic. It’s gonna take time to figure out what you want out of your college education as well as figuring what you like and don’t like in your relationships with your peers and romantic partners. This episode did a really good job of conveying to the viewer that change and figuring yourself out takes time. Zoey was back at college for one day and she already wanted to tackle fixing her rooming situation, her relationship issues, and finding her way at school - that’s a lot for one girl to handle!


Nothing was the Same: I’m glad Luca and Zoey worked their issues out! Since Aaron was the one who helped Zoey realize that she was pushing Luca too much, it makes me wonder if she and Aaron are gonna end up dating in the future. I think the issues Zoey and Luca were having are pretty common among college students and teens where Person A has different expectations than Person B. Talking it out always helps and it lets the other person know what you want out of the relationship. You can’t expect your partner to meet your needs if you don’t tell them what your needs are in the first place.


                                Emily Borowski, Rutgers University



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