Emoji Blitz: A Game Worth Playing

December 25, 2018

Ever since I posted my Dearly Beloved about TsumTsum, the ladies here at Rainbow Caverns have been recommending that I play Emoji Blitz. So, I listened to what they had to say and downloaded the game. What do I think of it? I can honestly say that, without a doubt, Emoji Blitz is one of the most fun and addicting mobile apps I’ve ever had the pleasure to play.


 Game logo | ©️Disney/Pixar


Similar to Bejeweled, the classic computer game that involves matching like objects to create combos, the Emoji Blitz game is about matching emojis created by using the faces of your favorite Disney characters to complete events, earn coins, and score as many points as possible. Released on mobile devices in July of 2016, Emoji Blitz proves that Disney has really stepped up their game in the world of mobile apps since TsumTsum’s released three years earlier.


When the game is first opened up, you get a typical loading screen that provides you with tips on how to optimize your gameplay. On this particular screen, however, the tips come to you in the form of a text message bubble, seeing as how that’s the theming for the entire game.



Screenshot from the game | @Disney/Pixar


Like all of the similarly-styled Disney mobile apps that I’ve played so far, you have three bars across the top of the screen:

  • Hearts - the lives you have (in other words, the amount of times you can play the game consecutively. These refill on their own.)

  • Coins - the in-game currency you can use to buy boosts and boxes.

  • Gems - another form of currency that can be exchanged for more hearts or coins. (An in-app transaction, these can be purchased with real money through the store where you downloaded the game. Occasionally, they can also be won from leveling up or other special events.)


Many of the game’s mechanics, such as choosing an emoji with a unique ability to use during your game, are similar to the way TsumTsum plays but everything is just a little bit better. So far, the emoji that I’ve found the most success with is Stitch, whose ability wipes away a circle of emojis from the middle of the screen.


By far, my favorite thing about the app lies in the attention to the tiny details. When you’re in the middle of a game, if you tap on an individual emoji on the board, that emoji makes a funny face to acknowledge that it was tapped on. Normally, I wouldn’t really call attention to a detail like this, but while I was playing it really caught my eye. Another small detail is in the soundtrack. Again, it is very similar to that of TsumTsum, but is much more refined.


Where Emoji blitz differs from its other mobile gaming brethren, is that when you complete a card with a list of items on it, you get to download those items as emojis on your phone to use whenever you’d like.  


My biggest complaint is only a small detail and it is only distracting if you’re paying a lot of attention. Every once and a while there’s a glitch where a glowing yellow dot lingers on the home screen after a game has ended. Again, I don’t hate it and it’s only mildly distracting.

Overall, there isn’t much to say about Emoji Blitz except that it’s incredibly enjoyable to play and I could spend hours of my day playing it if you give me the chance. The interface is insanely user-friendly and the soundtrack and color palette are so inviting.


Are you a fan of Emoji Blitz? Who is your favorite emoji to use? Message me on Twitter or Instagram (both @mariahcoolbeans) and tell me what you think or what you’d like to see on Dearly Beloved.


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