My Favorite Disney Game That You've Probably Never Played

January 19, 2019

Game Logo for the Wii


Today, I’d like to start with a little story. Pretty much everyone has a gaming console that they have at least some sort of emotional attachment to, whether it be the first console they remember playing, or maybe one that had their favorite games. My first console was the Sony PlayStation, and the one that had the BEST games was the Nintendo GameCube.


Now, Nintendo has been around for a few generations. My parents and their parents all have emotional ties to Nintendo in one way or another. So when the Nintendo Wii, a system dedicated to redesigning the way you think games have to be played and encouraged physical movement, was released in 2006, my Memaw was eager to go out and get one for me and my sister. A couple of years and several trips to Gamestop later, me and my younger sister picked out a game from the used Wii games section called Disney Universe. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say you’ve never played this game. I’m going to climb out even further on this limb and say you’ve never even heard of it. I hadn’t until I discovered it by chance.


Nintendo Wii, released in 2006


The game was released in 2011, when I was either 13 or 14 years old, and when I decided to write this piece, it had been somewhere around six years since I had played. This forced me to go out and find it by whatever means necessary (and those means were seeing if the game had also been released on PlayStation and downloading it onto my PS4). Here’s what I gathered after my first time playing again.


Disney Universe can be played as either a single player or multiplayer adventure where you, assisted by VIC - the Virtual Information Cube, go through the worlds of Disney movies to defeat the evil HEX by solving (albeit extremely easy) puzzles and defeating nameless bad guys. As you go through the worlds of Pirates of the Caribbean, Alice in Wonderland, Lion King, Monster’s Inc., Aladdin, and Wall-E, you collect coins to unlock costumes and new locations. The object of the game is basically to defeat the bad guys and unlock as many prizes as possible. But as simple and short as the game is, I couldn’t help but pack away hours at a time.


Some of the costumes you can unlock in the game


At its core, Disney Universe is a game made for children. I enjoyed it a lot as an early teenager and had my fun with it, but playing it as an adult, who has since completed much more in-depth puzzle games with more intricate bosses, it leaves a little to be desired and doesn’t bring me the same sense of nostalgic comfort that other games from my childhood provide me.


On the other hand, I was really happy to see that there is still a platform available for those younger than me to play this game that I have such fond memories of with my younger sister. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a really satisfying feeling to share pieces of your childhood with the generation behind you and have them enjoy it as much as you used to.

Thanks for going with me today on the journey down memory lane. Am I way wrong about being the only person who remembers playing Disney Universe? Do you have a strong emotional attachment to a video game or console? Tell me all about it by messaging me on Twitter or Instagram (both are @mariahcoolbeans) or finding me on Facebook




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