A Visit to Club 33

January 25, 2019

My brother and I in front of what we believed to be the entrance to Club 33


I was 15 when I first learned about Club 33. I believed it was this exclusive, intimate, extraordinary place that only fancy people could get into. When I visited Disneyland after learning about Club 33, I scoured New Orleans Square for the door. You know, the door that says “33” next to it. That obviously had to be the infamous door that led to Club 33...right? It seemed like everyone took pictures in front of this door. To be around it felt… cool. Well, a couple years after I discovered Club 33, I was actually able to experience it for myself. And spoiler alert: that door wasn’t actually the door that led to Club 33. This new finding made me question everything I thought I knew about Club 33. When I was able to finally take a visit to Club 33, I learned many things I didn’t know, and I wanted to pass that knowledge off to you! So without any further ado, here’s my experience of Club 33.


My Experience


In 2015, I finally got to check off a huge bucket list item and dine inside of Club 33. A common misconception I’ve seen is that you have to have a membership in order to gain access into Club 33. An acquaintance was actually a member of Club 33 and granted me access in through his own membership. I know of many others who have gained access through a member instead of being actual members themselves.


I was sent an email that had information and details about the reservation. I believe that it stated that guests should dress in more formal attire than in-park clothes (which many guests around us didn’t adhere to), and gave us information on how to actually get inside of Club 33. Much to my surprise, it wasn’t through the “Go Away Green” door with the 33 next to it. It was actually a couple steps past that door. It was a blue door that somehow was more inconspicuous than the other believed entrance. I had never noticed it! To the left of the door was the doorbell we were told to ring in order to gain access. Through a speaker, we were told to state our name. Upon doing so, we were allowed access inside.


There was a small room in the very front that had a desk with cast members behind it. They were in charge of the reservations, and funneling guests in and out. Once we walked through that room, there was the Court of Angels. I remembered taking a picture in that area a couple years before, and losing access of that area shortly after. It was much more quiet and peaceful than normal, due to the fact that it was only open to Club 33 guests. Guests waited at the bottom of the staircase for their tables to be ready. There were tables, chairs, and even hot chocolate for guests to sip on. A cast member would come get guests when their table was ready, and give them a short tour through the areas available to guests of members.


 Court of Angels | © OCAttractions.net


We finally got to the main dining area for the guests of members, and it was gorgeous. We sat right in the middle of the room, in front of the bar. We had the perfect view of Fantasmic through the windows as well. It was just...perfect. We were given a menu of a five-course meal that we were able to choose our options off of. Without alcohol included, I believe the meal was somewhere around $150. They say that it’s the price of an adult one day, one-park ticket, and we visited in December so it was also a peak ticket price. Of course, seeing that I was of legal drinking age, I sipped some champagne throughout my dinner. Our waitress accidentally spilled a bit of champagne on the table, so she gave us a second glass for free. What?! We chose our options for our meal, and just took in the scenery. I believe I got the Autumn Mushroom Croquette, Harvest Salad of Apple, the sustainable fish of the day which was sea bass, Acorn Squash, and the Pumpkin Buckle dessert option. You can find the menu I ordered from at the time here. Once Fantasmic started, we were able to see it all from our table.


 The balcony


After our meal, we were allowed out on the balcony to take a picture. We were very cautious about taking pictures because we figured we wouldn’t be allowed to. However, after asking the waitress, we were told that it was allowed. I took a picture on the balcony that I had no idea even existed before that night. It was just a really amazing experience.


I went to the bathroom on the way out, and it was also gorgeous. I don’t remember much from the bathroom, I just remembered that the paper napkins by the sink even had the Club 33 emblem on them.


Items I bought from the gift shop


We went to the gift shop to grab some items after checking out the bathrooms. There were items that only Club 33 members could buy, and then there were items that guests of members could buy as well. I got a lanyard with a medallion at the end, a cup, and a pin. These all came in a special bag which I’ve obviously kept as well! I love all of those items, and I’m so happy that I got them while I was there!


I wish to visit again in the future, and I hope to update my column with a more vivid, recent depiction of what a visit to Club 33 is like!



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