What we're most excited for on Disney+

October 17, 2019

Disney fans everywhere were excited for the launch of Disney+, the new streaming service launching November 12th, but recently Disney upped the buzz to 11.


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A little over a month before launch, the service’s Twitter account posted a massive thread detailing hundreds (but likely not all!) of the shows and movies appearing on the service on launch day. The list includes both Disney and Fox titles covering everything from the Avengers to “Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century.” There’s truly something here for every fan’s appetite. Here’s what Team RC is looking forward to the most on launch day:


Ashley Alvarez, Columnist:

I heard “Tangled: The Series” will be on there, and I am so excited to binge watch it because I LOVE “Tangled” – it’s my favorite Disney movie ever – and I’ve heard a lot of really good things about the series!


Adriana Ortiz, News Writer:

I’m most excited to see ALL the Muppet content! (“The Muppet Movie”, “The Great Muppet Caper,” etc.) I’m a huge Kermit fan (he’s so wholesome and cute) but haven’t seen most of the movies, so I clearly have to do my homework 😌😌


Charlotte Perkis, Social Media:

I’m a literal lifelong Simpson fan, so having them all in one place to watch is going to be amazing! And my personal favorite Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) “Smart House”! Has it become a grim look into the future, where we have become completely reliant on technology that could completely take over if they gained any sort of sentience? Yes. Is it hilariously both amazing and terrible? Also yes.


Natalie Koch, Social Media:

Aside from my obvious excitement for anything Muppet related, I'm so happy “Bedknobs and Broomsticks” will be streaming! Also can't wait to binge “X-Men: the Animated Series” and “Boy Meets World.” I'm creating my own Saturday morning cartoon/TGIF lineup!!


Jaz Robertson, News Writer:

I am excited to watch the DCOMs that will be on Disney+. My favourite movie is “Brink!”. Also all the cartoons from my childhood. I cannot wait to have breakfast on Saturday morning and watch “Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers.”


Summer Migliori Soto, Editor:

I’m really excited about all the old movies, like “Blackbeard’s Ghost” and the Davy Crockett films. We had to join Disney Movie Club in order to buy them on Blu-ray, but I love that they are now available to access from anywhere (sorry this sounds like an ad, but I love pre-80s Disney movies). I’m also excited for the DCOMs, because my brothers and I were obsessed with “The Thirteenth Year” and would always sing its wacky theme song. A lot of the original DCOMs aren’t on TV anymore, even though they’re occasionally on the app. The content I’m most stoked for is the new original Christmas movie “Noelle” and LIZZIE MC-FRICKEN-GUIRE!


Mariah Dennis, Columnist: 

The original “Parent Trap!” I think it’s unexpected. I never would have guessed.


Nora Kennedy, Social Media:

For me it's all the classic, early years of Disney films! I can't wait to rewatch oldies and learn about other rarities!


Evvie Morehead, News Writer: 

I’m most excited for the Star Wars content!! With only getting a new movie every two years, I can’t wait to have the entire catalog at my fingertips, so I can feed my Star Wars soul while I wait!!! “The Mandalorian” is definitely the most anticipated show for me, I can’t wait to see what direction they go in.


Lizzie Ellis, News Writer: 

A lot of the classic films aren’t available to rent online, so I’m really looking forward to re-watching movies like “Sleeping Beauty” and the animated “Robin Hood” that I haven’t seen in years. Also excited for some of the weird, older films like “20,000 Leagues under the Sea,” “The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes,” and who knows how many other buried gems of oddness. Plus, gimme all that sweet sweet “Three Caballeros” content – both the original movie and the new series!!


Responses have been lightly edited for content and clarity.

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