New spook-tacular merch at Disney Parks

August 17, 2019

Hello, folks! We’re back with another merchandise update at the Disney Parks and Resorts! Only this time, it’s spooky. Grab your hot cocoa, candy corn (if you’re into those – no judgement here), fuzzy orange and black socks, and favorite cozy blanket, because it’s about to get Halloween-y.


Yes, it’s only August, but what better to kick off the holiday season than the Disney Parks? First and foremost on our spook-tacular merchandise tour are Spirit Jerseys.


 Front of Halloween Spirit Jersey | © Alysa Vazquez


Back of Halloween Spirit Jersey | © Alysa Vazquez


Did we really need another one? When it comes to Disney, the answer is always yes. These black, sparkling Spirit Jerseys are the perfect blend of spooky and cute. We love the little Mickey pumpkins on the front & back!


There’s also a ton of new tees and tops if Spirit Jerseys aren’t your thing (we get it – they’re $65!). Plenty of frightening and villainous new shirts to ring in the Halloween season right. Which one is calling out to you, spiritually or otherwise?


Halloween Tops and Leggings | © Alysa Vazquez


 Disney Halloween Tees and Plushies  | © Alysa Vazquez



Halloween 2019 Disney Tee | © Alysa Vazquez


Tie-Dye Halloween 2019 Tee | © Adriana Ortiz


 Mickey Mouse Fang Club Tees | © Adriana Ortiz


Jafar, Ursula, and Minions Tees | © Adriana Ortiz


 Scar, Cruella, and Hook Tees | © Adriana Ortiz



We can’t go wrong with Mickey pumpkin-themed hats and Loungefly backpacks! These bad dudes are so popular that they already sold out at the resorts within the first day of product release! Be watchful and patient, as they will for sure re-stock (and sell out again!) throughout the Halloween season. Watch out for the hefty $80 price of these Loungefly backpacks, too!


Loungefly Backpacks and Hocus Pocus Dresses | © Alysa Vazquez


 Halloween Jackets and Mickey Pumpkin Hats | © Alysa Vazquez


The new Hocus Pocus dresses match the Halloween aesthetic perfectly, as well.


Let’s not forget about the star of the show: Minnie ears! This Halloween season, there are three new designs. First up is a purple and orange witchy design! We love how sparkly these are, and the small witch’s hat gives us major Hocus Pocus vibes.


Minnie Witch Ears | © Alysa Vazquez


Next are sparkly candy corn Minnie ears! Similar to a design from last year, but definitely upgraded with a brand new bow, these ears are sure to bring some sweetness to your Halloween ensemble!


 Candy Corn Minnie Ears | © Alysa Vazquez


Not Halloween-related, but our third set of ears are Día de los Muertos inspired! These beauties capture the wonder and excitement of the Mexican holiday that begins on October 31st. The ears are adorned with sugar skulls, marigold flowers (traditional flowers that represent the fragility of life, and are meant to guide spirits), and a bright purple bow. 


 Día de los Muertos and Disney•Pixar Coco Merch Display | © Adriana Ortiz


Disney also has lots of other merchandise that celebrate Día de los Muertos. Personally, I love Disney’s representation of Mexican culture. I love the inclusivity and being able to celebrate neighboring holidays, especially being Mexican myself. I only wish folks wouldn’t address it as “Mexican Halloween” or other similar incorrect titles. Let’s all try to be a bit more respectful, agreed? Anyways, back to our scheduled programming:


 Día de los Muertos Merch Display | © Adriana Ortiz


Back for another frightful season are Mickey Halloween buckets and candle holders! These are popular merch items that are a staple in every household. The best part is: Mickey’s face lights up on the Halloween bucket! So cute – and practical for trick-or-treating at night with the young ones!


 Mickey Halloween Buckets | © Alysa Vazquez


Mickey Candle Holders and Mugs | © Alysa Vazquez


We can’t talk about the new Halloween merch without bringing up Disney snacks. They just go together, trust me. From chocolate-dipped rice crispy treats, to hot cocoa mix with marshmallows, to white chocolate-dipped pretzels, and sour gummy snacks in mini Mickey and Minnie jack-o’-lanterns, there’s so much spooky sweetness to enjoy!


 Halloween Snacks | © Alysa Vazquez


It’s not a holiday season unless your home is fully decked out to celebrate! Disney offers Halloween home and kitchenware ready to spook up and scare trick-or-treaters. Take a look below.


 Minnie Mouse Witch Wall Decor | © Alysa Vazquez


Magic Mirror Mugs & Poison Apple Decor | © Alysa Vazquez


Halloween Kitchen Towels | © Alysa Vazquez


Is it a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie? Either way, The Nightmare Before Christmas always deserves a special spot in every holiday season. This year, we’ve got new shirts and glow necklaces to celebrate Disneyland Resort’s family-friendly Halloween party Oogie Boogie Bash. If you’re interested in seeing the Disney Villains and an all-new frightful World of Color show at a safe place for kids to dress up and collect candy, be sure to click the link and purchase tickets today.


The Nightmare Before Christmas Merchandise Table | © Alysa Vazquez


Sally Ears Headband and Oogie Boogie Light Up Necklace | © Alysa Vazquez


The Nightmare Before Christmas Table Display | © Alysa Vazquez


The Nightmare Before Christmas Backpack | © Alysa Vazquez


Last, but certainly not least, are the Mickey and friends plush all masquerading in their best Halloween costumes! I would like one of each, please, and thank you!


 Mickey and Friends Plush Display | © Adriana Ortiz


That wraps up our Halloween merch tour this season. Thanks for tuning in! We’re excited to see what’s next in store at the Disney Parks!


Many merchandise are available at both Disneyland and at Walt Disney World. Most are also available at shopDisney. Lots of items sell out fast, even as we get closer to Halloween, so be sure to grab your favorites today.

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