Captain Marvel merch makes the scene at Disneyland Park

March 27, 2019

New merchandise from Marvel’s highly anticipated film Captain Marvel has popped up at World of Disney in Downtown Disney. Let’s see what’s in store!


 Captain Marvel Display at World of Disney | © Adriana Ortiz


Costumes and Collectibles

 Captain Marvel Kids Costume | © Adriana Ortiz


You can’t go wrong with a superhero costume from Disney. Go higher, further, and faster with this amazingly detailed zip-up Captain Marvel costume!


 Captain Marvel Doll and Toy | © Adriana Ortiz


Here’s some toy options for kids! There’s an action figure of Captain Marvel and a power glove available. Now, anyone can be a Captain!


 Captain Marvel Doll (front) | © Adriana Ortiz


 Captain Marvel Doll (back) | © Adriana Ortiz


Who wouldn’t want a doll of Captain Marvel and Goose the cat? Her bendable abilities are a fun detail, too.


Captain Marvel Action Figure (front) | © Adriana Ortiz


 Captain Marvel Action Figure (back) | © Adriana Ortiz


Captain Marvel is also available as a Marvel Legends Series action figure. We love this representation! It’s so refreshing to see a female superhero represented as an action figure. This could make a great gift for action figure collectors, or Captain Marvel fans!


 Funko Pop! Vers | © Adriana Ortiz


Funko Pop! Goose the Cat (front) | © Adriana Ortiz


 Funko Pop! Goose the Cat (back) | © Adriana Ortiz


We just can’t forget about Funko Pop! Figures. At World of Disney, Vers, sporting a metallic green and black suit, and Goose the cat are available for purchase.


If you’re an avid Funko Pop! collector, be sure to pick these up quick as they tend to sell out.


Now, let’s see what stylish clothing is available.


Clothing & Accessories

 Captain Marvel Shirt and Backpack Display | © Adriana Ortiz


Shirts, outerwear, and, of course, Loungefly are present in this marvel-ous collection.


 Captain Marvel Tee | © Adriana Ortiz


We love this Captain Marvel t-shirt! It’s so simple, and perfect for a Disney bound, or just to rock with some jeans and sneakers.


 Children’s Captain Marvel Jacket (front) | © Adriana Ortiz


 Children’s Captain Marvel Jacket (back) | © Adriana Ortiz


Kids can dress up as Captain Marvel, too! This red and blue bomber jacket is a great addition to any wardrobe, and is sure to inspire young ones to be just like their new favorite superhero!


Loungefly Captain Marvel Backpack Display | © Adriana Ortiz


Loungefly Captain Marvel Backpack Close-up| © Adriana Ortiz


 Loungefly Captain Marvel Backpack (side view) | © Adriana Ortiz


Let’s talk about this Loungefly for a second. We love the color blocking of Captain Marvel’s superhero suit, the gold and metal accent detailing, and overall simplicity of this faux leather backpack. Plus, it’s the perfect size for a day at Disneyland. This is definitely a win from us!


 Captain Marvel Tumbler (front) | © Adriana Ortiz


Captain Marvel Tumbler (side) | © Adriana Ortiz


How about this space-themed red and blue tumbler? The photos don’t do it justice, but the deep blue background is accompanied by red space icons and metallic gold stars. It even has a cool 3D effect! Best of all, using one of these helps save the planet by using reusable cups instead of plastic water bottles.


What do you think of the new Captain Marvel merchandise at Disneyland? Will you be picking up any of these? Let us know!


Can't make it to the parks? No worries! Many of these items and more are available on


Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel is now showing in theaters and is rated PG-13. Watch the official trailer and purchase your tickets today!

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