First reactions to the new "Captain Marvel" trailer!

December 4, 2018

"Captain Marvel" still | ©️Disney / Marvel Studios


The new "Captain Marvel" trailer is here! Today we’re going to take a look and see what’s new in this trailer, what we can expect from this film, and how we think it will add to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Let’s go!


For anyone who may be unfamiliar with the Captain Marvel comics, the trailer starts by giving the viewer a little bit of background information on the eponymous character.


We learn that Carol Danvers, AKA “Captain Marvel” is a member of an alien race of “noble warrior heroes” known as The Kree.


 "Captain Marvel" still | ©️Disney / Marvel Studios


The trailer continues with your typical Marvel action shots including a few frames that were featured in the previously released trailer, further building on the excitement created a few months back.


The music swells and the trailer ends with the tagline “Everything begins with a hero.” Finally, Captain Marvel states “I’m not going to fight your war, I’m going to end it.” before the trailer closes with the movie title and Marvel Studios logo.


First impression:

The studio seems to be heavily playing on the fact that this is a very female-driven movie, which could either make it a great film or a mediocre one. It all depends on if they actually give Danvers a purpose and personality.


What’s new this time:

It seems that the backlash the studio received after the first trailer dropped (a scene in which Captain Marvel punches an old lady in the face), was acknowledged by this trailer ensuring that the viewer understands she’s the enemy. Another noteworthy addition, we also get an extended look into Nick Fury’s past.


The film, starring Brie Larson and directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, releases in March, just ahead of the start of blockbuster season and seemingly denying the trope of “summer blockbuster.”


We believe that "Captain Marvel" has a lot of potential to be a great film and gracefully usher in the next generation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After all, the trailer is being released in the midst of the studio’s 10th anniversary celebrations.  


 "Captain Marvel" still | ©️Disney / Marvel Studios


Watch the trailer for yourself here and be sure to let us know what you think!

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