PLEASE Don’t Do These Things In Disney Parks

November 9, 2018

Main Street in DLR | Evvie Morehead


Disney parks can bring magical memories to those who visit. Through the rides, parades, meet-and-greets, fireworks, shows, and even the friendliness of cast members, everyone who enters the parks has the opportunity to have an amazing time. However, many of us find that our interactions with other guests can put a damper on our trip, or even question what humanity has come to. (I mean, seriously, throw your trash away. There’s a can every 30 feet.) So in an attempt to help bring light to the problems we all see in the parks, I thought a column on etiquette in Disney could do the trick. I teamed up with the ladies of Rainbow Caverns to compile this list!


What NOT to do in Disney Parks

  1. Don’t show up to park entrance turnstiles without your pass ready. There are most likely many people waiting behind you who don’t appreciate waiting for you to fish your pass out of a bag. *Bonus- Don’t show up to Magic Morning if you don’t have a ticket that offers it. You will not be let in, and you’ll hold up the line!

  2. Don’t ask the cast member at the turnstile a million questions. We all know how backed up the lines at the gate can get, and asking the cast member questions while blocking the turnstile ensures that the line will continue growing while you discuss. If your question cannot be answered in the amount of time it takes to scan your pass, go to City Hall, and they’ll be more than happy to answer every question you have.

  3. Don’t block a walkway! When the parks are congested, and there’s no room to walk, it never fails: someone almost always stops in the middle of a busy walkway to look at their phone, tie a shoe, look at an attraction, or do anything else that is unnecessary to do in a walkway. Pull to the side, and then focus on what you need to focus on.

  4. Don’t walk against traffic. Just like you would in a car, walk on the right hand side of the walkways. This ensures that people aren’t clashing into one another and makes walkways less crowded!

  5. Don’t complain about the FastPass line/those who use FastPasses. When asked, many of the ladies of Rainbow Caverns agreed that this was an issue. Tons of guests complain about more people being pulled out of the FastPass line than the standby line, but that’s how the park operates. It’s not the fault of the cast members, and it’s definitely not some superior system meant to aggravate those in standby. You can take advantage of the FastPass system as well. And I honestly encourage you to, because it saves a lot of time and annoyance.

  6. Don’t be “that” AP. A Disney Annual Passport (AP) isn’t something you can flash to get perks that aren’t explicitly stated when you bought your pass. Many people have overheard conversations from APs about wanting special lines, special opportunities, and just a heightened experience. That’s not what an AP is for, and you’ll be disappointed every trip if you have that mindset.

  7. Don’t force your kid on rides they don’t want to ride! I could honestly write a whole column about this. Every single trip I’ve taken recently, I have stood in line for a ride (usually Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout!), and there will be a kid or two crying, begging their parents not to make them go on. The parents will usually joke about how the kid is just being a “baby,” forcing them to go on the ride against their wishes. Without going into anyone’s parenting, it’s just not okay. Disney is supposed to be fun, and not only is the kiddo not having fun, but I guarantee a couple of people in line with you are uncomfortable.

  8. Don’t take your frustrations out on Cast Members (CMs). This seems to be a common practice when guests are frustrated with park operations or specific events. Cast Members can’t snap their fingers and fix a ride. They can’t force “magic moments” for you. They also can’t snap their fingers and reduce the crowds for you (although I heard Thanos is willing to do this for you). They are people too, and they are just doing their jobs. If you truly feel you had an inappropriate Cast Member interaction, you can go to City Hall to discuss it.

  9. Don’t ignore Cast Members! Many of us at Rainbow Caverns notice this issue when it comes to filling in all available space in line. It may be annoying to hear CMs constantly guiding and relaying orders, but it’s for a reason! It keeps lines organized and ultimately gets you on the ride FASTER! Same goes for things like following their guidance during parades and shows. They’re attempting to organize the crowds and make you get to where you want to go faster. Just listen!

  10. Don’t walk around complaining! Sometimes there are valid reasons to complain while in a Disney resort – not many reasons, but they still exist. HOWEVER, when you complain, everyone else around you is listening to your negativity. When you come to a Disney park, be prepared for crowds, long lines, sometimes sweltering heat, show cancellations, and ride refurbs. Going to a Disney park is a vacation for many, and it’s a bummer to spend your vacation listening to other guests complaining. I understand that Disney is magical and we often expect a heightened experience, but it’s just not realistic, and it’s not a good reason to take everything else for granted.

  11. Don’t be inappropriate/rude. Seems self-explanatory and like common courtesy, but when I asked people for their issues at the parks, this was a major one. While there are many adult-related experiences and attractions at Disney park, it is still a family park. There are children everywhere. And even if there weren’t children everywhere, sometimes people don’t want to hear your private conversations. Also, if you’re on a ride and you’re talking the entire time or cussing or using flash photography, chances are you’re ruining the experience for at least one person around you. There’s a time and a place!

  12. DON’T LITTER. These parks are meant to be shared by everyone, and every single Cast Member puts in an enormous amount of effort into keeping the parks safe, clean and fun. It should be common sense, but please clean up after yourself.

  13. Don’t attack/harass others for how they choose to enjoy themselves. Disney parks are meant for everyone to have fun, and it makes me so sad to see people actually go out of their way to talk badly about or tease other guests. Yes, your idea of a fun Disney trip may be rides. Or food. Or shows. But some adults like to see characters. Teasing them while you’re in line with your child is super unnecessary.


If you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be the perfect Disney guest!



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