Bye-Bye a bug’s land, Hello Mature Disney California Adventure?

October 19, 2018

A bug’s land Banner in DCA| Christina Favela


Preface: When referring to the new Marvel-themed land being built in DCA, I use the name “Marvel Land” which is not the official name of this new land.


Ah, Disney California Adventure. You may love it, or you may hate it, as most people have a strong opinion about this park. For parents or those of us who enjoy the tamer, more kid-friendly rides, Disneyland is filled with many options. From Fantasyland’s many offerings, to the entirety of New Orlean’s Square, and the sprinkle of rides in Adventureland, Toontown, Critter Country, and Tomorrowland; babies and tame-ride lovers have plenty of options in Disneyland. Nineteen to be exact. (This number doesn’t include the Railroad, Monorail, Canoes, or Activities.)


How about good-old DCA? Six. This number includes Jessie’s Critter Carousel, which will be a future addition. As for the newly-announced Inside Out inspired attraction, Whirlwind of Emotions, one can assume that this will also be a ride for all ages, as it is rumoured to be a re-themed Flik’s Fliers. So, if that is indeed true, the number of rides for the whole family is seven. (This number does not include the Red Car Trolley or activities like Turtle Talk.)


That’s the amount we’re left with now that a bug’s land has been stripped away. The decision to take away the land has been quite controversial. I may have an unpopular opinion, but the land has been a HUGE part of my childhood/motherhood. The theming was pretty spectacular, no doub, and the rides were adorable. While the land may have lost its touch over the years with the constant upgrades and retheming of surrounding lands, it was still a staple of the park for most parents with younger children. But the most important characteristic of a bug’s land was that it was a land in DCA for babies and younger children. Every single ride could be ridden by the little ones who often fall short (literally) when it comes to height restrictions. The land justified the Park Hopper prices for families.


So, now what? Everyone else in your party can ride every single ride in DCA, but the babies tagging along can only ride six or seven. Is it worth it to even get a Park Hopper for the entire crew now, knowing that only a handful of rides can be enjoyed by everyone, and the rest will require you to use rider switch? WELL, that all depends on Marvel Land.


Oooooh, ahhhh. Marvel Land’s potential interests many Disney fans. The decision to change a bug’s land to Marvel Land was hard to swallow at first for some, but theming-wise, it only made sense. After the Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: Breakout! debut (R.I.P. Tower of Terror), it became quite obvious that it didn’t at all. You made your way down Hollywood Blvd, passed the Hyperion Theater showing Frozen, moved out of the way for the Red Car Trolley, and BOOM. There it is. A huge tower that no one can miss, coming straight to you from outer space. But don’t worry, to make it have a purpose and feeling of proper placement, it is placed right next to… A BUG’S LAND. There was no way this would last long.


Now that we understand why it had to happen, what does that mean for us with little ones who can only go on rides with no height restriction? Well...who knows. As of now, there are only mere rumors as to what Marvel Land will entail. Many sources have pointed to at least one of the rides being either a thrilling dark-ride, which hits fast speeds, or a ride much like the Tron Bike Coaster you can see in Shanghai. Further rumors include a microbrewery, and the possibility for more rides and usage of the theater. Amazing, right? Those sound like some really exciting ideas. But these are very teenager/adult-oriented.


A bug’s land, a land where babies and adults alike get turned into a microscopic size and ride tame attractions, is now getting a major makeover that isn’t so kid-friendly.


So what does that mean for us hauling our little-ones around? We can only guess until solid Marvel Land updates are thrown at us by Disney. But for now, it’s really looking like Marvel Land will be an offering for those who enjoy thrill-rides. If I didn’t have an annual pass, and I was bringing my baby with me to the parks, would I pay for a Park Hopper knowing that there are only six or seven rides she can go on with us? Honestly...yes. While I left Animation Academy, shows, and parades out of the number of rides in each park, DCA still offers so much.


My daughter loves parades, and “Paint The Night” made her entire trip. Once “World of Color” opens back up, these shows offer her some colorful entertainment. She enjoyed Turtle Talk with Crush at only nine months-old, so I can only imagine this love will grow with time. “Frozen Live at the Hyperion” is also an important show to remember. I truly believe that DCA makes up for the lack of baby-friendly rides with their entertainment.


Regardless of what happens with Marvel Land, as a fan of upgrades and novelty, I’m extremely excited for what the future holds...even if that meant saying goodbye to our beloved a bug’s land. Sometimes change is hard to accept in the beginning, but can bring about beautiful outcomes! Until we get some more information, you can find me crossing my fingers for a ride like TRON Lightcycle Power Run!



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