The Best Places to Find Reasonably Priced Costumes for MNSSHP That Don't Break the Rules

October 12, 2018

It’s the most not-so-scary time of year at Walt Disney World! Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is in full-swing on select nights at Magic Kingdom! If you’re like me, you probably are incredibly ambitious with your costume ideas because it is the only time of year adults are allowed to dress up. However, sometimes that ambition can be costly and also might not follow the regulations in place for everyone’s safety (and of course we all know no one would ever intentionally break the rules, right?).


Here are my favorite places to find reasonably-priced costumes that also fall with the MNSSHP costume guidelines!


1. ShopDisney


ShopDisney has an entirely new line of gorgeous, quality costumes that are surprisingly reasonable in price! The best part? The majority of them don’t break the rules!


I’m living for the princess costumes that don’t drag the ground. They look like they would be super easy and comfortable for the duration of the event!  


Cinderella costume - $72.95 | ©️ Disney


Belle village costume - $52.95 | ©️ Disney


Ariel tutu costume - $32.95 | ©️ Disney


I’m also thrilled that some characters don’t normally receive as much love on Halloween have beautiful costume options as well!


Mary Poppins costume - $72.95 | ©️ Disney


Edna Mode costume - $52.95 | ©️ Disney


Shuri Costume - $49.95 | ©️ Disney


Jessie Costume - $62.95 | ©️ Disney


Cheshire Cat Tutu Costume - $32.95 | ©️ Disney


And of course, there’s always the villains!


Ursula Tutu Costume - $32.95 | ©️ Disney


Queen of Hearts Tutu Costume - $32.95 | ©️ Disney


Don't forget the most classic costume of all (just be sure you don’t include whiskers with this one)!


Minnie Tutu Costume - $32.95 | ©️ Disney


2. Hot Topic


Once a store I was afraid to go into as kid, Hot Topic has become a destination for adult Disney fans with their lines of tank tops, dresses and accessories that are perfect for the fashionable Disney fan. Their costume dresses have become staples for guests attending MNSSHP in recent years.  


Sleeping Beauty I Am Aurora Costume Dress - $44.95 | ©️ Hot Topic


Meg Cosplay Dress - $44.90 | ©️ Hot Topic


Lilo Cosplay Dress - Starting at $38.50 | ©️ Hot Topic


Scrump Jumper - Reg. $44.90 | ©️ Hot Topic


The Little Mermaid Land Cosplay Dress - $44.90 | ©️ Hot Topic


The Little Mermaid Pink Cosplay Dress - $44.90 | ©️ Hot Topic


If your thing is more Star Wars, Disney Villains or Marvel, you’re in luck.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars Ahsoka Tano Costume - $59.90 | ©️ Hot Topic


Cruella De Vil Costume - Reg. $92.90 | ©️ Hot Topic


Gamora Costume - $59.90 | ©️ Hot Topic


Her Universe Captain Marvel Halter Dress - $28.99 | ©️ Hot Topic


Hot Topic purchased Her Universe in 2016 and has recently released a new Destination Disney collection that would be perfect if you’re considering a DisneyBound look instead of a full-on costume for MNSSHP this year!


Her Universe Rey Dress - Reg. $59.90 | ©️ Hot Topic


Her Universe Destination Disney Moana Skirt - $36.90 | ©️ Hot Topic


Her Universe Destination Disney Moana Layered Top - Starting at $32.90 | ©️ Hot Topic


Her Universe Destination Disney Princess Jasmine Crop Top - Starting at $32.90 | ©️ Hot Topic


Her Universe Destination Disney Princess Jasmine High Waist Pants - $49.90 | ©️ Hot Topic

3. Spirit Halloween


Normally, Spirit Halloween, a pop-up store only in operation during September and October, wouldn’t be my first choice. However, they now have a line of officially-licensed, decently priced costumes, many of which fit the guidelines for MNSSHP!


In case you want to channel your inner Sanderson sister.


Winifred Sanderson Costume - $39.99 | ©️ Spirit Halloween


Mary Sanderson Costume - $39.99 ©️ Spirit Halloween


Sarah Sanderson Costume - $39.99 ©️ Spirit Halloween

Or maybe you’re feeling flexible (this is the only store I’ve seen carrying this costume!).



Elastigirl Costume - $49.99 ©️ Spirit Halloween




Rapunzel Costume - $59.99 ©️ Spirit Halloween


The only non-floor length Elsa and Anna costumes/dresses I’ve seen.


Elsa Cosplay Dress - Reg. $34.99 ©️ Spirit Halloween


Anna Coronation Costume - $64.99 ©️ Spirit Halloween


All the feels.



Joy Costume - $59.99 ©️ Spirit Halloween


Disgust Costume Dress - $29.99 ©️ Spirit Halloween


Mirror, mirror.


Evil Queen Costume - $59.99 ©️ Spirit Halloween


Don’t you just want all the costumes?


If you have additional questions about the MNSSHP guidelines, please visit the Not-So-Scary webpage or contact WDW guest relations. Listed prices of costumes shown subject to change. Happy haunting!

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